Forming Habits

Well, it's been over 8 years since I've written a blog post. I haven't really had a website in years. But I suppose it's time to change that (since I'm feeling cramped by the 140-character stylings of Twitter).

I've been wanting to change a number of things in my life for the better for many years now. I think that's a common theme among human beings. I've tried a lot of different techniques, but none of them have really taken in the long run. I really think I've got a better shot this time, though. I've been reading the Zen Habits blog on-and-off for some time now, and I've enjoyed Leo's writing. So when he announced a free webinar about How to Create Powerful Habits For Life, I jumped at the chance. Of course, me being me, I only read about it a few days after it happened, so I missed it.

The real purpose of the webinar was to announce the launch of the Habit Course. I can't afford to take the course, but Leo did archive the webinar on the Habit Course site, and it explains his Simple Method for Creating Powerful Habits, which he's used to change his life. I've decided to follow his Method to try to get in on some of that life-changing action.

The first step of Leo's Method is to take the first week to plan, so that's what I'm doing. I've decided I'm going to start my first habit on June 15th. I've got my plan mostly written, and I'll post it here in the next few days.